Monday, February 14, 2011

Cyber Crop! Sat.

Guide Lines for the Crop

*The Cyber Crop will take place along side the regular crop that takes place on a monthly bases.

*It will start at 10am and end at 5pm the same day.

* In order for me to know that you are participating you will need to post your name and greeting at 10am and whenever in the day you come to participate in the crop.

*Each time you finish a layout or complete a challenge you need to post a picture of your art in our groups Facebook forum “Let’s Scrapbook“. Or Email your pics. to me @

*At our regular crop I give out tickets for coming to the crop, completing layouts, and completing challenges. I will also be doing this for Cyber Crop as well. These tickets are then put into a drawing for hourly prizes and finally the Grand Prize at 5pm. The only way you can win the Grand Prize is to Post a greeting at 5pm to let me know your still with us scrap booking. If your name is drawn any day at 5pm and you have not posted or e-mailed me at 5pm you will not win the Grand Prize. You can pick up any of your prizes from  the storage!
           I will posting Pics. of the Grand Prize Soon!

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